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Meet Adeline KEMPF, a dedicated family law attorney in SAINT-LOUIS, Haut-Rhin. With warmth and empathy, she guides individuals and families through legal proceedings. With a focus on family law, including divorces, child custody, alimony, and more, her experienced team is skilled at handling complex cross-border cases. Adeline KEMPF's commitment to her field is exemplified by her role as a board member of CIDFF du Haut-Rhin (Centre d'Information sur les Droits des Femmes et des Familles of Haut-Rhin). Recognized for her professionalism, Adeline KEMPF offers tailor-made solutions for you and your family's legal needs.

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Family Law

At our law firm, we possess extensive expertise in the field of family law, addressing a broad spectrum of crucial matters. Our dedicated team is equipped to guide you through complex legal processes, including divorce proceedings, legally separating couples, ensuring fair distribution of marital assets, determining spousal support arrangements, establishing shared custody plans, calculating child support obligations, safeguarding visitation and accommodation rights, initiating child protection proceedings when necessary, handling intricate inheritance and succession cases, navigating child custody matters during relocations, and resolving various conflicts that may arise within families.

Victim Support

We are committed to supporting victims of challenging circumstances. Our legal assistance extends to victims of domestic violence, those experiencing partner or couple violence, situations where a minor's safety is compromised, as well as cases involving rape and sexual assault. With empathy and professionalism, we aim to empower victims through our legal representation, offering them a voice and advocacy during times of distress.

Other Services

In addition to our focus on family law and victim support, we provide guidance and representation in a diverse array of legal matters. If you are grappling with rental issues or seeking to recover owed debts, our skilled legal team is well-prepared to provide you with valuable insights, effective strategies, and representation that aligns with your best interests. Our comprehensive suite of legal services ensures that we can offer you the support you need across a wide range of legal concerns.

Personalized Legal Guidance

Our approach revolves around providing tailored advice that suits the distinct circumstances of each client and situation. We understand that every legal matter is unique, and therefore, we approach each case with a keen sensitivity to individual needs and concerns. As a small and dedicated team, we take the time to listen attentively, ensuring that we comprehend the nuances of your situation before offering informed legal advice.

We recognize the paramount importance of understanding your specific needs. Our commitment to personalized guidance extends beyond the legal aspects alone – it encompasses a comprehensive understanding of your personal and familial dynamics. By taking the time to grasp your individual goals, challenges, and values, we can provide you with legal strategies that align with your best interests and empower you to make well-informed decisions.

With our personalized approach, you can trust that your legal matters will be addressed with a combination of legal expertise and a genuine appreciation for your unique circumstances.

Expert team

Allow us to introduce Adeline KEMPF, our dedicated lawyer who brings a wealth of expertise in family law and victim support. With a strong track record in handling diverse legal matters, Adeline KEMPF is committed to providing astute guidance and effective representation to our clients. Her deep understanding of the intricacies within these areas ensures that you receive informed advice and strategic solutions tailored to your specific circumstances. Notably, Adeline KEMPF is proficient in both English and Spanish, facilitating effective communication with clients from various backgrounds.

In addition to Adeline KEMPF, our team includes an assistant who is not only fluent in German but also proficient in English. This linguistic capability enables us to effectively assist clients with international cases or cross-border concerns, ensuring seamless communication and comprehensive support.

Together, our expert team is well-equipped to address your legal needs, whether they involve family law matters, victim support, or other legal complexities. We're here to provide you with the highest level of professionalism, guidance, and representation.

Maître Adeline KEMPF's law firm provides services in French, English, and Spanish. Maître Adeline KEMPF's assistant is fluent in German but cannot conduct consultations. The firm collaborates with a sworn interpreter's office that can assist you in English, German, Turkish, Russian, and Dutch.

Our Values

At Maître Adeline KEMPF's law firm, we embrace essential values to provide our clients with the best legal guidance. Our commitment to clients is built upon:

  1. Determination: We are resolutely committed to safeguarding your interests and seeking the best solutions for you and your family, with rigor and tenacity.
  2. Empathy: We understand the emotional challenges that family law matters can present. Our empathetic approach allows us to listen to your needs and concerns, while offering warm and compassionate support.
  3. Integrity: We act with honesty, integrity, and transparency in our legal practice, aiming to earn your trust and provide you with quality legal service.
  4. Personalization: Every family situation is unique. We adopt a personalized approach to address your specific needs and those of your family, seeking tailor-made solutions.


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